California Institute of Technology

Laboratory for Experimental Economics and Political Science

Welcome to the home page for Caltech's Laboratory for Experimental Economics and Political Science (EEPS). The Laboratory is devoted to the development and applications of a laboratory experimental methodology for a broad range of disciplines. Laboratory experimental research began at Caltech in 1972 with the early experiments of Professor Charles R. Plott, who is the current Director of the Laboratory. Laboratory research is focused on basic research issues, applied research issues, and the development of supporting technology. Basic science includes the principles of behavior of single and multiple market systems in relation to parametric and institutional settings; the principles of behavior in relation to voting and political institutions; and the strategic behavior of game theory. Applied research includes policy related research, the development of prototype markets, smart markets, and the actual implementation of new forms of markets.

The laboratory is located in Baxter Hall at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA 91125.