If ALL of the '_reset' items are blank, then all inventory and orders will carryover periods as before.

The '_loan' item is just a notice that gets printed on the inventory page. This just lets the subject know that that amount will be taken away at the end. You need to enter the amount in the first box or else the subject will not start with any.

If ANY of the '_reset' items is filled in then all orders will be cleared at the end of each period. The markets will also be closed for the time between periods.

If any of the '_reset' items has a value, then inventory for that subject for that item will reset to that value after each period. You must also give subjects the amount in the first box for them to start with that amount. The amount and reset value should be the same unless you want the starting inventory to be different. You also need at least one item not to reset or else the subjects cannot make any money.

The default action is that if 'francs_reset' has a value, then the difference in francs will be transferred to the 'earnings' resource after each period. If you want names other than 'francs' and 'earnings' then you will need to edit source files (for now). Either 'francs_reset', or 'earnings_reset' MUST be blank, depending on whichever is the accumulator.